Janeiro-EOS 7D

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Creation date: 25.01.2010 13:32
Last modification: 25.01.2010 21:12
Make: Canon (
Camera: Canon EOS 7D
Dimension: 3456 x 5184 px (17.9 MP, 2:3)
Focal length: 700 mm
Aperture: F9
Exposure time: 1/125" (-1.67 EV)
ISO speed rating: 200/24°
Program: Aperture priority
Metering Mode: Pattern
White Balance: Auto
Flash: Flash fired, compulsory flash mode

After working two months with the Canon EOS 7D now I get more and more used to the body. I really enjoyed the handling and the fast AF right from the beginning and luckily I never experienced any AF problems - in fact none of my lenses needed any adjustments.  The camera was a clear winner but I was not so sure whether the new 18 MP  sensor really was a good decision. After all I couldn’t see any benefits in the real world and I even was a little bit unhappy about the relatively high amount of noise in the range from 100 - 800 ISO above 800 ISO there is always noise but it is above ISO 800 where noise is less ofd a problem than in the EOS 50D or 40D.

Well I still think noise around ISO 400 could be better but meanwhile I got used to expose really carefully to the right - means don’t underexpose the shots and things look better. The 7D is doesn’t accept any mistakes .... underexpose the image and the unforgiving 7D will punish you with noise, a little bit of movement - it doesn’t matter whether the subject or the photographer is guilty for it - and the punishment will be a less crisp or even blurry picture. Of course all this is true only for the 100% view, only for us who are already guilty for pixel peeping. Honestly I think most bird-photographers belong to this group at least the ones which can’t get close enough ... we like sensors with high pixel density as we can crop quite a bit. Rescue this little bird in the center of the frame, and crop so tight that it looks like we shot with a 2300mm lens.

if the conditions are good the sensor of the 7D provides enough details for this job, JUST MOVE THE MOUSE OVER THE PICTURE AND YOU SEE A CROP OF 600X400 AT 100% VIEW all settings in lightroom at default. 

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