Whether you call them Point and shoot or simply Digital, the current small digital cameras are technological miracles and almost always deliver an excellent image quality.

As a camera you can take everywhere they are perfect, of course these cameras remain a compromise;  fast action scenes or pictures demanding  high ISO quickly show their limits. If one looks close enough it is easy to detect, the image quality is not as good as the one of a digital SLR.
So why not just always take the SLR? Simply because there are these days when the SLR is simply too much to carry and it will stay at home. Small point and shoot cameras like the Canon Ixus or the new power shot S90 are small enough to be carried around even on a lazy day
These cameras are perfect when the task is to capture memories, not the technically perfect shot which can be blown up to billboard size … no; memories which otherwise will exist only in our mind and may be forgotten one day. Over the years we shot many pictures of wildlife and landscapes we are happy with and a little bit proud about. Many of them got published in books, magazines or online. But guess what …the images we truly enjoy are the ones which take us back in time to a special place, to people we met one day, the images which captured the very special moment. More often than not the SLR was stored away but the little Ixus did the job, surely some of these pictures are less than perfect, show to much noise but they are unique and priceless in their own way.
For capturing memories this little digital wonders are perfect and nowadays the image quality is stunningly good. We took the pictures on the left with various Canon cameras like the G10, Ixus 95 and the Pro 1. We would not buy a digital compact, without image stabilizer, but we don’t care about number of Megapixels. A resolution of 10MP is usually enough more MP often means more noise and this surely doesn’t help to improve image quality


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