October 19

Hummingbirds are fascinating birds and are among my favorite avian subject to take pictures of.  Their behavior is predictable as they will visit a feeder or the same flower again and again.

The real challenge is to get the colors correct as most of the hummingbird-colors are no pigments but structural colors which depend on the right angle of reflection.

To make things more complicated we need a short exposure time to freeze the motion.

For the start picture I used my two flash which I set to manual and half power ... manual to avoid the pre-flash and delay and half power to get a shorter flash duration but still enough light.

I am not a friend of frozen wings and I like when the picture shows some motion in the wings.

When you move the mouse over the picture you will see the picture as it looks without using flash the wings are now more blurred even with high ISO and  short shutter speed.

I used a 500 mm lens for these pictures but a zoom in the 100-400 mm range would have been fine as well.



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